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Let's be friends.
Join our Ambassador Program today.

Are you happy with YouHodler’s platform and passionate about the crypto community? Let's be friends then. We are launching our Ambassador Program and you can now apply to become one of our most trusted friends.

YouHodler Ambassador Program

Why should you join our ambassador program?

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Join our program today

As a dear friend of ours, you can get exclusive gifts, YouHodler branded merchandise, commission discounts, increased interest rates, early access to new features and Zoom-calls with our CEO/staff.

What you need to do

YouHodler Ambassadors are our friends. They are passionate members of our community that support us in various ways, such as promoting the YouHodler website and the app, providing feedback to improve our offers and services, and assisting new users with questions and concerns.

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Examples and use cases

YouHodler branded merchandise

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Храните и обменивайте 7 стейблкоинов и 18 разных криптовалют. Интегрированы крипто-займы, стейкинг и сберегательные счета.

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