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Earn EUR up to 12% a Year

Earn EUR up to 12% interest per year with our stablecoin savings options. Interest payments are deposited directly into your wallet every week. Experience better rates than traditional bank accounts and enjoy more adjustability with the option to deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

Available for Multi HODL
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  • Еженедельные комбинированные процентные выплаты.
  • Возможность использования вклада в качестве залога для займов.
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How to earn EUR on YouHodler

Step 1: Deposit EUR

To begin, log in to your YouHodler account and click your EUR wallet found in the “wallets” section. There, you will see a button for deposit. Please click the button and follow the simple instructions to deposit EUR to the YouHodler platform.

Step 2: Convert EUR to stablecoin

After the EUR deposit is complete, go to your EUR wallet and click the “convert” button. Please convert EUR to any stablecoin option of your choice.

Step 3: Transfer stablecoins from the wallet to the savings account

After successful conversion from EUR to the chosen stablecoin, please move the funds from the wallet to the savings account so you can start earning interest. 

Step 4: Earn interest on stablecoins

Once the funds are deposited into your savings account, the first weekly payment period begins.

Monitor your savings account earnings on a daily basis by checking the "Earned" counter. At the end of each week, the earned amount will be deposited into your savings account.

Важная информация

  • If you release funds before the end of the weekly period, you will lose all interest earned during the uncompleted week.
  • Если в течение недельного периода вносятся дополнительные средства на уже открытый вклад, то проценты с этого депозита начнут начисляться со следующей неделе.
  • По окончании каждой расчетной недели на ваш сберегательный счет будут зачисляться проценты. Пользователи могут хранить их там, чтобы накапливать еще большую прибыль на следующей неделе.

What is a stable coin?

As its name suggests, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency coin that is allegedly pegged to a stable asset (e.g. gold, Euro, U.S. dollar, etc). These coins are available to anyone in the world, do not belong to a central bank and have very low volatility (hence the name). Not only is it a practical coin for everyday use as a payment method, but it’s a valuable crypto-to-fiat bridge for those that want to avoid massive losses in the market.

It’s not uncommon to see other popular coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum rise or fall, 5, 10 or 20% in a single day. While the rapid movements are perfect for people looking to manage risk and profit from market movements, it’s important to have a stable asset as part of your portfolio at all times as well.

All reputable stablecoin reserves are managed by independent custodial institutions and are routinely audited to check if they follow necessary compliance regulations.

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